“Whatever your business, however big or small it is, you will suffer phishing attacks at some point.” – this statement from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a clear warning that no organisation is safe from cyber-attacks, regardless of their industry or size.

Alarmingly, statistics show that email is currently the most popular threat avenue. The Cybercrime Information Organisation (CSO) states that 94% of malware (malicious software) is surfaced via email. More than 80% of reported security incidents are due to phishing attacks.

So what is phishing? This is a tactic where an online scammer will attempt to trick people into downloading a file containing malware or to click a link with the aim of capturing sensitive data like passwords. This is not a new form of attack, but the level of sophistication is greatly improving. Links are looking more authentic with only one or two characters being changed from the real one, websites are being mimicked with great accuracy, and language used within the email imitates members of staff or suppliers. Check out this recent attempt sent to me including the tell-tale signs here.  

It is estimated that approximately £13,500 ($17,700) is lost every minute by businesses and individuals that fall victim to phishing attacks. As well as the financial loss, organisations usually face irreparable damage to their reputation, often resulting in loss of custom and repeat business.

Security is at the heart of all our solutions and as a Microsoft 365 provider, our technicians make sure customers benefit from the many fantastic features for business. To help fight prevent data breaches, Microsoft have incorporated comprehensive anti-phishing protection called Microsoft Defender for Office 365. This robust cloud-based email filtering service safeguards businesses from malware and harmful links. Microsoft 365 has rich reporting and URL trace capabilities that give administrators insight into the kind of attacks happening in your organisation.  

Cyber security can seem complex, but don’t put it off. Book a friendly chat below to discuss security solutions or contact us here.