There are a number of reasons why backing up your data should be an essential part of your business operations. Yet, according to, around four million UK businesses are vulnerable by not doing so.  

Why do I need to backup my data?


Cybercriminals know how valuable your data is, and businesses of all sizes are being targeted for it. If your network is compromised, hackers are free to steal and/or delete files as they please. What are their motives for doing so? Well, data sells. Hackers often sell large amounts of stolen data on the dark web for other criminals to exploit. Company insider data damage is also a threat, especially from disgruntled employees or former workers who still have access to systems. 

Ransomware is another cyber threat that disrupts businesses by holding data to ransom. This malicious software is often installed onto networks via a phishing email. Once installed, data is encrypted and users cannot access it. A demand is made to release it, but there is no guarantee of getting it back even if the ransom is paid. 

Disasters & Accidents 

Whilst we encourage backing up your data on hardware devices such as external drives, this should not be your only method. Storing data on physical devices, whether it is an external drive or a laptop, puts it at risk from accidental damage or being lost/stolen. Examples of this would be a failed hard drive on a laptop or losing a USB when commuting. 

Fire and flooding are also examples of how devices can be damaged unexpectedly and irreversibly. 

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Data Backup

Cloud technology has revolutionised data storage and has number of benefits for businesses handling sensitive and valuable data. 

These include:

Storage – You only pay for the storage you require, and it is easily scalable whenever you need to increase or decrease the amount of data being stored.

Secure – Cloud backup gives you peace of mind knowing that your data is stored safely. As long as you use strong passwords and implement two-factor authentication, it is a very secure way to store data. 

Automated – Our team can set-up your backups to be automated. This means all recent data will be stored quickly, without the workforce having to back it up themselves. 

Available – Your data can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time. This gives you and your workforce agility when working.

Restoration – If a disaster or accident does happen, your data can be restored very quickly. This reduces the amount of time your business is out of action, making recovery much easier.

As Cloud Technology Specialists, our team are will give you guidance on the many cloud backup service options, allowing you to make the right decision for your business. Book an appointment below or contact us here to speak to one of our friendly team about data backup today.