End-to-End Advanced Cyber Threat Monitoring

What is endpoint security? Endpoint security solutions are an approach to the protection of computer networks that are remotely bridged to devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. These can create attack paths for advanced security threats if not protected.

Bitdefender Endpoint Security is one of the market’s leading endpoint security software offering protection built on global cyber threat intelligence. It’s military-grade protection will stop malicious software such as ransomware and backdoors from causing any data leaks or damage to your business network.

Continuously monitoring and advanced threat protection, this anti-virus software is the ideal cyber security control for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Bitdefender Threat Detection & Response – Continuously monitors endpoint activities and looks for anomalous behaviour to offer early visibility into advanced attacks, indicators of compromise (IOCs), one-click threat investigation and incident response workflows.

Bitdefender Patch Management – Mitigates application vulnerabilities faster by offering a single source of patching with the largest database of Windows and third-party applications available

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Frequently Asked Questions about Endpoint Security

Why can't I just use free anti-virus software for my business?
Free anti-virus software was popular in the 2000s when marketing departments wanted to allow customers to use a free version with the hope they would upgrade. Sadly, these marketing tactics have had the opposite effect by making people believe they are safe with free versions. Free anti-virus software only provides the very bare minimum of protection. You want an anti-virus/endpoint protection that is developed using threat intelligence so you know it can defend against ever-evolving malware threats. Using free or even low-grade anti-virus/endpoint security for your business is a huge risk with some devastating consequences if an attack occurs.
If I get Endpoint Security, do I need to think about other areas of cyber security for my business?
Endpoint security should be an essential part of your cyber security plan. It offers protection for a variety of malicious software before it can harm your device or network. However, cybercriminals have many attack methods up their sleeves to exploit vulnerabilities. Therefore, Endpoint Security should serve as one of your technical controls to build overall resilience.

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