Cyber Essentials Certification for Business

In March 2020, the Government reported 46% of businesses and 26% of charities had been involved in an online attack or data breach over the previous 12 months. With the sudden workforce challenges caused by COVID-19, the risk of an attack increased significantly.

Many business owners delay implementing cyber security measures fearing it is too complicated and expensive. Cyber Essentials is a cost-effective and simple accreditation that is endorsed by the Government. Following 5 controls, it helps businesses to identify vulnerabilities and put the right measures in place to defend against the latest cybercrime trends.

Want to step up your game? Cyber Essentials Plus puts your security measures to the test via a certified body. Completing this accreditation gives you a deeper understanding of your level of security whilst showing customers and suppliers the controls you have in place are suitable to protect their data.

Security is at the heart of what we do and our IT Specialists will support you through your Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation to ensure you meet all the requirements to correctly secure your business and pass the first time.

Not Sure if your Business Needs Cyber Essentials?

Our IT Specialists are here to walk you through Cyber Essentials and other cyber security solutions based on your workforce demands and online business requirements. Book your slot today.

Cyber Essentials Control Objectives

A firewall provides protection for your devices within the network from other external networks.  Cyber Essentials requires assurance that only safe and necessary network services can be accessed from the internet.

Secure Settings
Cyber Essentials requires all computers and devices within the network be properly configured to reduce vulnerabilities and also provide the services to full fill their role and requirements.

Access Control
Cyber Essentials requires all user accounts to be assigned to authorised users only in order for them to perform their role. This applies to all devices, networks, accounts and applications.

Malware Protection
Malware is malicious software that has the potential to cause damage to a network/device once executed. It has been a method for cybercriminals to access sensitive business data. Cyber Essentials requires malware prevention software in place.

Device & Software Patching
Cyber Essentials requires all devices and software within the network to be updated against known vulnerabilities.

Cyber Liability Insurance 

When a UK-domiciled organisation has a turnover under £20 million achieves certification covering their whole organisation, they are entitled to Cyber Liability Insurance (terms apply). A 24-hour helpline is available to report a cyber incident, which will provide crisis management and incident response to the total liability limit of £25,000.

  • Liability: Claims made against you arising out of media activities and privacy and wrongful acts.
  • Event Management: Including emergency costs following a data breach such as legal, PR, and IT.
  • Extortion Demands: Ransoms and other online extortion.
  • Regulatory Investigations: Defence costs and regulatory fines (where insurable by law).
  • Loss of Electronic Data: costs to remedy the issue that allowed for the data to be lost or damaged.
  • Business Interruption: Loss of profit and/or operational expenses causes by a network compromise.

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