All The Right Tools For The Job

From on-premise systems to home working devices, we have all the right IT equipment for your business. We work in partnership to offer the very best brands at competitive prices.

These include:

  • Mobile Devices and VoIP Phone Handsets
  • Laptops and Desktops
  • Headsets
  • Backup and Power Solutions
  • Server Installation
  • Routers and Home Office Internet Connectivity

When it comes to choosing IT equipment, our expert technicians will get to know your business more so we can walk you through different options. We will also ensure that we install and configure your new devices so you know they are secure and working efficiently.

Not sure where to begin with IT equipment for business?

Book a meeting with one of our specialists today and let’s find out what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions about Business IT Equipment 

I want to transition to a hosted phone (VoIP) system, what equipment do I need?
Most workforces love the agility of a VoIP set-up and so choose to have the application on their laptops and mobile devices along with headsets. There is the option to use a desktop phone similar to their landline counterparts if preferred. Learn more about VoIP here.
We are moving office, can Linten help?
Moving office can be stressful, especially when it comes to setting up IT equipment. Our expert technical team can work with you to ensure your equipment is fully installed and configured. This is often a good time to evaluate your IT infrastructure. Learn more about IT Audits and Consultancy here.
My staff are working remotely, am I responsible for their IT set-up?
Yes, you still have a duty of care to ensure your workforce have the appropriate equipment that is set-up appropriately. Learn more about how a poor IT set-up can impact your team’s health here.

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