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What is web hosting?
Web hosting is space allocated on a server for a website to store files so that they are visible online.

What is a domain name? Simply put, if a website was a house, the domain would be the address. It’s the URL people put into a search engine to find your website.

Why have my website and domain hosted by Linten Technologies when I can buy directly online?
There are two reasons why businesses choose to have their web hosting and domains managed. The first being lack of technical knowledge. When it comes to your business website, you cannot afford to have hosting issues affecting its availability. Buying hosting and domains directly does not guarantee you will receive a swift response time if you encounter any issues. As your trusted IT partner, we are here to make sure your hosting and domains are stable and secure.

Secondly, time is a precious resource to every business. Setting up and managing hosting and domains can be very time consuming, especially if technical support operates in different time zones. We use dedicated UK servers and provide speedy responses to any issues, meaning you can leave us to do the work and your workforce can do what they do best!

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