Home schooling, partners working from home, room mates watching Netflix…. Since the move to remote working, our home broadband has seen a huge increase in usage, with more devices being connected for a number of different purposes. This has resulted in many workers experiencing intermittent internet availability throughout the day. Every home worker’s nightmare when they have important video call meetings and busy workloads to get through.

As many business owners wait for more news about COVID-19 restrictions before many any permanent decisions about where their staff will work from, Mobile Home Broadband is proving be the ideal solution for solving current internet issues.

What is Mobile Home Broadband?

This is often only associated with just mobile usage, but it is perfect for providing a reliable and secure business network connection for other devices such as laptops. For home workers, it means they have a designated connection for themselves so they can enjoy good internet speeds. Having multiple businesses connected to one home network is also a security risk. Mobile Home Broadband gives the remote worker a private connection eliminating the risks associated with network sharing.

Many home workers using Mobile Home Broadband opt for a static router. However, Employees who work flexibly (combination of home, office, and other locations) benefit from taking their internet on the go with a pocket-sized Mi-Fi. This broadcasts the same good quality internet connection, but can be used wherever the team member needs to use it. From a security point of view, this is essential for staff who find themselves needing to use public Wi-Fi in coffee shops, hotels etc. Public Wi-Fi can easily be spoofed by cybercriminals and used to steal credentials or infect devices with malware.

It also means that staff can use their own devices to check emails and answer calls from hosted phone systems without needing to use their own data. If team members travel together for conferences or events, they can use the same Mi-Fi connection making it cost-effective business solution.


The best thing is about Mobile Home Broadband is businesses can benefit from unlimited data without being tied into long and costly contracts. Simply pay for the length of time it is required. This makes it a suitable long or short-term IT investment for any business.

Support your workforce to work efficiently and securely today. Book in a time to chat with one of our IT Specialists or contact us here to learn more about Mobile Home Broadband.