There is nothing like a huge global event to make us change our behaviours, and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly been the driving force for a digital transformation and the adoption of cyber security services and cloud technology. It seems some changes are here to stay including emerging workplace trends and the technology we use to support workforces.

Remote, Flexible and On-Premise Working 

Businesses of all sizes have are now ready to consider what type of working would benefit their business and workforces as lockdown restrictions start to ease. The cost savings of not paying for offices is very appealing for many businesses to stay fully remote. Other businesses see the benefit of a hybrid approach and so have adopted flexible working patterns. Other businesses require on-premise working or have teams that prefer to work closely together. Regardless of working preference, it is safe to say that modern workplaces need to lay the IT foundations for an agile workforce to be productive and secure. 

Internet Connectivity

All over social media, frustrated home workers have shared their horror stories of Wi-Fi going down during important meetings or when a deadline looms. Most home broadband providers never anticipated the demand for the service that has been witnessed over the past few months. When multiple devices are connected at the same time, it has resulted in intermittent connection. As businesses now invest more in their remote worker’s IT set-up, Mobile Broadband is becoming a popular choice. This offers a designated Wi-Fi connection for the team member that is secure. For flexible workers, this service can still be enjoyed by using a Mi-Fi device. This means no more connecting to public Wi-Fi which is a big cyber security risk for businesses. 

Outsourced IT Support

With staff members on the go and working in multiple locations, having an outsourced IT team that is on-hand has ensured staff have had expert help when they face IT issues. The need for IT support will continue to grow as workforces adapt to changes in their working habits and adopt new technology to help them to do so. Those businesses who do not have managed IT services will likely lose time and money when their competitors thrive with the latest IT set-up and helpdesk support. 


The need for efficient collaboration no matter where staff were located made cloud technology a clear choice for businesses that had not previously invested in it. Hosted Desktops as a modern workplace solution have allowed staff to log into the business network using any device and allows seamless integration of industry applications such as Sage. 

Many businesses have transitioned to VoIP over the recent months, and if they haven’t then they need to very soon. Not only does it allow staff to make, answer, and transfer calls anywhere in the world using an application, it also means the business is ready for the UK’s big change to digital in 2025. 

Microsoft 365 Business has served as a favourite collaboration tool with its cloud storage and file-sharing ability. It has allowed teams across the world to efficiently work and collaborate on workloads. 

Cyber Security 

Whenever there is digital change, you can be sure that there are threat actors ready to exploit vulnerabilities. Cyber-attacks rose dramatically in 2020 and have continued to be a huge risk for businesses. Those businesses that have invested in cyber security training for their staff are at much less of a risk of falling for phishing scams and invoice fraud. Many businesses saw the change in working patterns a great opportunity to invest in Cyber Essentials which addresses 5 key controls (Malware Protection/Firewalls/Access Control/Secure Configuration/Patch Control) to improve their online resilience. With cybercrime continuing to evolve, any modern workplace needs to take its cyber security seriously or risk reputational and financial repercussions.

Technology that works for you

No matter where your workforce is located, our expert technical team can work with you to ensure you have the right services and solutions in place for growth and success. IT shouldn’t cause your business to lose time and money, we will make IT work for you. Book in a time to chat below with out friendly team who will get to know your business and walk you through some options.