In a sector that often has multiple business locations and different types of digital software, a strong network of secure connections is fundamental to keep your business running smoothly.

Linten has a range of solutions available to empower your business to communicate securely and grow.

We can bring together all your digital products including CCTV, TV screens and POS devices, and unify them so they can be accessed on devices and desktop computers. On our secure network, you’ll never have to worry about WiFi slowing down business with all your products working through a centralised system. Linten can help empower your business to evolve and adapt to a new digitised system improving your workflow and communications.

We understand the necessity to digitise the health & beauty sector to ensure fast processing and data to make a booking in your clients easier.

As the UK will be switching off their analogue phone lines in 2025, our Telecoms specialists are ready to support you through this transition. Our tailored VoIP (Voice over IP) solutions will provide HD phone calls over the internet so you can answer your business calls wherever you are creating a seamless experience for your customers.

Our cloud-based solutions will help keep all your client data secure through our centralised servers and will provide back-ups on all your products including CCTV so you never have to worry about losing footage.

These servers will also guarantee maximum security from cyber-attacks and breaches with additional support available from Linten’s network of trusted partners.

To find out more about how Linten can help revolutionise your business with improved IT solutions, book in today for a call with one of our beauty expert advisors.

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