Recruitment depends on a phone system that is highly dependable and ensures a connected workflow between all your staff members.

Working in the recruitment sector, you’ll understand the importance of reliable phone systems and the often outdated systems in place. Linten can guarantee a phone system that you can rely on and liberate your business from fixed and archaic landlines.

At Linten we understand the important yet challenging requirements in a recruitment agency, having worked with recruiters over the last 5 years. We’ve adapted our systems to create a phone service that is not only cost-effective but utilises the internet to make and receive calls, leaving landlines as a thing of the past.

Our Linten built servers are unmatched in their ability to connect your team to a singular and secure cloud-based server, ensuring all call data is safe and protected from cyber breaches. This gives you the ultimate solution to creating a smooth operating call service out of your office and beyond.

Linten can provide your company with improved communication between internal recruiting companies while saving you money. To learn more about our IT solutions that could improve your agency, book a complimentary call with one of our recruitment specialists today.

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