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What is a SIM-only offer?
A SIM-only deal offers a package of minutes, texts, and mobile data for a monthly cost, but without a mobile device included. This is a great option of you are happy with your existing device or want to buy one without being in a contract.

SIM only contracts are shorter, which will give you more flexibility with your business mobile decisions. It can also save your business money by not having to invest in a new phone to get the SIM-only deal.

We have a number of different SIM-only offers to suit your business and workforce telecommunication needs. We can walk you through the different packages so you get the very best deal.

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SIM Only Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer unlimited data packages?
Yes! Whether you want unlimited data or just 2GB, we can walk you through the different packages to find one that works for your business requirements.
Can I use it abroad?
Some packages include ‘Roam Like At Home’ and ‘TravelFree’ zones so you are not landed with expensive fees for using overseas.
Can I keep my existing number?
Yes, your existing number can be transferred to the new network. So no need to go trying to remember a new number!

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