Measure, Monitor, Boost and Empower Your Workforce’s Cyber Security Understanding

Empower your workforce to defend against the latest online threats and shine a light on the dark web to keep your accounts safe. Usecure will identify human vulnerabilities so you can tackle individual risk areas and automate the right ongoing training to build their cyber security knowledge. With weekly manager digests, you can keep track of employee progress and provide support where needed.

Investing in cyber awareness training for your workforce demonstrates compliance. Usecure provides audit reports and tracks training adaption.

Data breaches continue to rise with millions of emails, passwords, and other sensitive data being exposed on the dark web each year. These credentials are used to launch a range of cyber-attacks such as account compromise and spear-phishing attacks.

Through dark web monitoring, you will be informed if any of your data has been exposed so you can take immediate action to protect the associated accounts. This service works alongside the cyber awareness training to ensure your important accounts staff are safe.

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