Data security and connectability are at the route of the financial sector. Therefore, dependable and reliable IT security and solutions are vital.

Linten offers a range of secure solutions that not only provide enhanced protection to your client’s data but will help support your systems to run more efficiently and smoothly. At Linten we’ve evolved our proposition to mirror the requirements of the financial section and have helped firms streamline workflows. We’ve also integrated various software programs (Cloud-based and on-premise) in order to provide complete visibility across their business.

With Linten, we can create a cloud infrastructure for your business, allowing your team to work anywhere and communicate with anyone in the world. This keeps your servers secure and protected allowing for your company to evolve with improved telecommunications.

Security is a top priority within the financial sector and at Linten we understand the importance of keeping client data as secure as possible from cyber-attacks and breaches. With our cloud solutions and software, we prioritise security to protect your customer’s private and personal information with specific services that work to keep your financial software resilient and secure.

Linten365 will help secure and bolster your Microsoft suite, strengthening its abilities and processes to work specifically for your business. A secure Microsoft suite is incredibly important in keeping your data protected and Linten365 is guaranteed to improve the overall performance of your system.

To find out more about how we can create personalised IT solutions for your company, book in today for a call with one of our financial specialists.

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